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Welcome to Carbon Athletic – Home of the World’s #1 Soccer Shin Guards. We’re thrilled to have you on our team. At our club we do things a little different. So, what separates us from the competition?
- We’re Innovators – we don’t follow the herd when we design our products. Instead, we differentiate, elevate and deliver premium soccer products.
- We’re Dedicated – we want our football gear and equipment to stand a head above the rest. That’s why we spend the time to perfect all details. We want our customers to rave about our products (and they do.)
- We’re Customer Oriented – customers always come first. We set out to deliver an impeccable experience. We take on criticism and improve our game week on week.
- We’re Team Players – as a small business we appreciate each and every one of our supporters. Without you, we don’t exist. We want you to win and succeed as much as we do. Soccer is a team sport, not an individual one.
Modern Football Essentials: Product Guide

Why choose Carbon Athletic ProGuards (Carbon Fiber Soccer Shin Guards)? Our core product. Highly regarded by professional soccer players from all over the World for a reason. Our shin guards are the pinnacle of function and design on the football market today. We considered every detail during the design process. Shape, aesthetics, fit, comfort, protection, safety. You name it. Go into every challenge with the confidence to come out unscathed. And look good doing so. What’s more? They weigh practically nothing, so they won’t hold you back like traditional plastic shin guards. Whether you’re playing indoor or outdoor soccer, we’ve got you covered. Find out why footballers Worldwide are choosing the ProGuards.

Why choose Carbon Athletic Grip Socks? The number one grip socks on the market, at a fraction of the price. You can bundle these up for further savings as well. When designing our grip socks, we studied the market and improved on all of their shortcomings. The final result? Comfortable, aesthetically pleasing grip socks that serve their purpose. To enhance a footballer’s grip inside their boots. With this comes an increase in speed, acceleration, deceleration, changing direction, cutting and turning. Once you try our grip socks, you will never go without again. Discover why professional footballers are wearing grip socks on matchday. And why you should too.

Why choose Carbon Athletic Shin Guard Stays? Simplistic in their design but stunning in their execution, the shin guard stays are a must-have in your soccer bag this season. Forget using electrical tape to hold your shin guards in place. That’s history. Elevate your football kit and make gameday a hell of a lot easier by using shin guard stays. Pair these with our ProGuards for the perfect combo today.

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