WARNING: 6 Alarming Things You Must Be Aware of Before Allowing Your Child to Return to Football.

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Following the Government’s announcement to further ease COVID-19 related restrictions, community sport and Football in Australia has been able to resume. It is imperative that you and your child are aware of the following:

1. Level B Restrictions

Before participating in football activities your child should not attend training if in the past 14 days they have:


  • been unwell or had any flu-like symptoms, or
  • been in contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19, or
  • any sudden loss of smell or loss of taste, or
  • are at a high risk from a health perspective, including the elderly and those with pre-existing medical heath conditions.

2. Importance of a Proper Warm-Up

A proper warm up is essential to perform at the optimum level and avoid injury. An effective warm up consists of the following:

      • Dynamic stretching
      • Football-specific movements
      • Agility drills
      • Jogging/running
      • Ball work
      • Game-like situations

Take into consideration each of these components to take your child’s training and game preparation to the next level.

3. Staying Hydrated

Hydration is the key to performing at your best on the football pitch. Dehydration will have a detrimental effect on your child's physical and mental performance. It results in an increase in heart rate and body temperature, ultimately leading to mental fatigue, impaired decision-making and poor sporting performance.

Always remind your child to drink plenty of water before, during and after their training session or game to ensure that they perform at their best.

4. Mental Preparation

Mental preparation on game day is shown to have a positive impact on the outcome of the game. This can involve visualising yourself scoring, playing a top through ball, making a fast run towards goal and even winning the game. The mental side of football wins games.

Tip: Next time you're on the way to training encourage your child to visualise having an amazing performance and see for yourself the immense power that mental preparation can have on their game.

5. Recovery

Recovery is essential to maintain optimal physical health for the entire football season. Recovery for a young footballer involves an effective post-game warm down, dynamic and static stretching, sports massage and physiotherapy (where appropriate), adequate hydration, nutrition and sleep. It is imperative that your child practices each of these measures to reduce their likelihood of injury and stay in peak physical condition during the season.


6. Make Sure to Wear Shin Guards

Unfortunately in heavy contact sports like soccer, fractures of the lower leg bones (tibia and fibula) are becoming more and more common. With the game being played at such a high pace, a late and reckless challenge can keep your child off the pitch for an extended period of time.

Let’s have a look at some mind-blowing statistics:


  1. 70% of all football injuries occur in the lower leg.
  2. Contact injuries account for 66% of the injuries.
  3. Fractures account for 13% of those injuries and
  4. The average time for a fractured leg to heal is 18 weeks.

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