Performance Benefits

  • Handmade Carbon Fiber Front Shell
  • Ultralight, Strong & Durable Materials
  • Unmatched Player Safety & Protection
  • Contoured Shape & Seamless Fit
  • Custom EVA Foam Backing for Shock Absorption

ProGuards v2

Our core product. Highly regarded by professional soccer players from all over the World for a reason. Our shin guards are the pinnacle of function and design on the football market today. We considered every detail during the design process. Shape, aesthetics, fit, comfort, protection, safety. You name it. Go into every challenge with the confidence to come out unscathed. And look good doing so. What’s more? They weigh practically nothing, so they won’t hold you back like traditional plastic shin guards. Whether you’re playing indoor or outdoor soccer, we’ve got you covered. Find out why footballers Worldwide are choosing the ProGuards.

Who Wears the ProGuards

Dani Alves - FC Barcelona, Brazil National Football Team

Thiago Silva - Chelsea F.C., Brazil National Football Team

Reece James - Chelsea F.C., England National Football Team

Product Reviews

  • "Great light weight guards that are comfortable and easy to wear. Super happy with my new ProGuards" - Isabel H.
  • "Absolutely stunning! Great size and arrived in good time. Very keen to take them to the pitch." - Adam M.
  • "My son Flynn had a tackle on him where his leg should have been broken. He had already broken his right leg and copped a two footer and studs up tackle. Massive thank you for your shin guards." - Max D.
  • "Best shinnys on the market. Keen to wear them during the season! 10/10" - Rhys P.
  • "The Carbon Fiber material is so tough. My son says he feels alot more protected than before. Awesome shin pads!" - Andrew M.

Sizing Guide

Small - Player Height - 0 to 5'3” (0 -160cm) (3 - 14 years old) - Small ProGuard A4 Cutout

Large - Player Height - 5'3"+ (160cm+)  (14 years +) - Large ProGuard A4 Cutout

A print-out to the exact specifications of each size shin guard is available to determine which size is best suited. Simply print it out, cut around the shape of the shin guard with scissors and place it on your shin to see how it will fit in real life.

Please note that the preferred ProGuard size will vary between players. This guide is to provide basic guidance.

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